RAK GLASS - Cerita-Ceriti Manufacturer

Sebelum menjual, of course la saya suka mencari asal2x usul brand yang saya nak jual. Adakah ia ternama? sudah well established kah? atau cap ayam kah? Even cap ayam pun tak apa, sebab ada customer yang mencari jenama cap ayam. Tapi objektif utama di sini adalah untuk mencari seberapa banyak infor berkenaan barang2x yang kita jual.

RAK Glass - sejak menyertai Akojaya baru saya mendengan jenama ini. Rupa-rupanya, brand ini adalah dari Arab (UAE).. eloklah, depa kan banyak pasir, so boleh dpt pasir yg berkualiti untuk buat barang kaca nih.

RAK is stand for Ras Al Khaimah - nama tempat di UAE.

Sedikit news berkenaan imej mereka di sana: Sumber dari sini.

Known as Guardian RAK, the plant is among the largest non-oil industry projects built in the region and will produce 700 tons of float glass per day for automotive and construction applications, including high-performance coated glass. It celebrated the start of production with the ceremonial "first ribbon pull" on September 25, 2007. (Float glass is made by floating melted glass -- a "ribbon" -- on a bed of molten tin, which produces superior quality glass). The plant will employ approximately 300 people and generate as many as 1,000 additional jobs in related supplier and logistics industries.
The RAK plant is the second one constructed in the region by these partners, following the 1996 opening of the GulfGuard project in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, the region's first float glass plant. GulfGuard is dedicated to primarily serving Saudi Arabian customers. The new plant in RAK will enlarge and diversify product offerings while serving customers throughout the region.
"With the Ras Al Khaimah plant operational we have more than doubled our capabilities for float glass production," said Yousef Abaalkhail, chairman of the board of managers of both GulfGuard and Guardian RAK. "We have new flexibility to increase float glass product offerings, made possible by the latest in high tech glass-coating technology at the RAK plant."
Guardian RAK's board recently approved the addition of a state-of-the-art coating machine, which enables the manufacture of a variety of world-class, high-performance coated glass products to serve regional and global markets. The approval is contingent upon resolving regional electrical supply issues.
"Upon installation of this advanced coater, GulfGuard and Guardian RAK will offer both local and regional customers a comprehensive range of glass products," according to Russ Ebeid, president of Guardian's Glass Group. "That includes clear and tinted float glass, mirrors, patterned glass and high performance coated glass such as our full line of SunGuard advanced architectural glass."
First production with the coater is scheduled for late 2008 with construction beginning as soon as necessary approvals and permits are received.
So, jika anda berminat dengan produk mereka, rasanya tak perlu ragu.. buleh surf dan baca lagi di www.rakglass.com

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